Within The Same Frame

Surveillance works in a fragmented manner, only showing what acts within its small orientated frame. Beyond the limitations of the covert and overt optics of the CCTV camera is also the presence of the mobile, every changing eye of the webcam and personal cameras. A broadcasting of the self is evident as it adopts this new hybridized form, interpreted and reinterpreted through the private lens, manifested through the screen in its staunch visibility. Through selecting and scanning within small fragmented moving frames this piece illuminates the ineffective fragmentariness of surveillance. By harnessing some “control" over what is select ed and deselected within the larger frame, our own performative actions within surveillance are questioned. Interacting within the confines of the interface becomes limiting and speaks to surveillance’s attempts at inhibiting the public’s ability to consider footage as it speaks to larger social frameworks. From positions of power and privilege one has more opportunities to control the screen, identify, manipulate and reinterpret the actions of the bodies being captured. The effect itself, however abstracted, alludes to a virtual reality, in which we are witnessing something we could identify as familiar but also as other. To what extent are all interactions mediated through between exiting and entering a frame “virtual reality”?